What are the most visited Porn tube sites?

Pornography is an enormous and profitable business. One only needs to see how much money the top ten porn sites in the world make each year. Many of them rake in millions in ads and other revenues. Regardless of how you may feel about porn in general, there is no denying how massive and popular it is. Some adult sites receive 200K plus visitors each day. But once you get to the top 5, those numbers rise significantly. The number of daily visitors goes up to millions. Below is a list of the most visited adult porn tube sites. In addition to the number of visitors they receive, their overall present value has been included as well.

Tnaflix — Some may confuse this website with one of those which has mainstream movies. However, make no mistake about it, it’s an adult site with over 138,000 unique visitors a day. They are also valued at $2,240,000 USD.

YouJizz — With around 214,300 unique visitors each day, YouJizz is the 9th most popular porn tube site in the world. Everyone loves that the site is mobile friendly and has scads of free porn movies and content. Presently, their current value is estimated to be $3,600,000 USD.

Tube8 — Bringing adult content to people is what this site does best. Each day, more than 600,000 unique visitors land on this page. Their present value is $4,300,000 USD.

Beeg — The name may sound funny but the owners of this domain are raking in big bucks. They get almost a million unique visitors each day; 940,000 to be exact. Those who visit the site like how fast the videos load up. Experts put their worth around $5,600,000 USD.

Youporn — Using the similar concept of YouTube, helped make this adult website a money machine. The number of unique visitors are estimated to be 935,000 plus. Porn lovers who want amateur explicit content and daily updates adore it. That helps bring their current value to $8,970,000 USD.

Redtube — This adult site is one of the first on this list to get more than a 1,215,000 million unique visitors daily. They also have a $11,000,000 current value. Users like how fast the pages load and the simple and quick layout.

XNXX — People love how easy it is to navigate and find free porno on this site. Perhaps that explains why more than 1.5 million individuals check out this site every day. XNXX’s is estimated to be worth $18,450,000 USD.

XHamster — The cute hamster logo and tons of complimentary porno are reasons why more than 1,510,000 people visit it each day. With a current value placed at $29,300,000 USD, this adult site is a clear money empire.

XVideos — Over 2,000,000 people visiting this adult site on a daily basis pinpoint how popular it is. XVideos has an endless selection of pornography that keeps visitors interested and coming back. Their $42,989,000 USD market value is also astonishing.

Pornhub — No adult porn tube site on the planet comes close to Pornhub. Not only in how many daily and monthly visitors it gets, but how much it is worth. Presently, more than 8 million people check out this site each day. That’s almost 87 million every month. The popular porn site is also worth $58,300,000 USD.